Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips You Ought to Know

Little makes a home appear more beautiful and attractive than a well-kept lawn with lush evergreen grass! You will often come across lawns that look great with green grass that doesn’t dry up, but it can be very difficult to achieve on your own. In such cases, you will need to call in the experts or accept that a beautiful lawn just is not for you.

There are some useful hints and tips, however, that can help you to have a lawn to be proud of. Follow this basic guide and you could well have the beautiful lawn you always wanted after all.


If You Can’t do it Yourself You Can Always Let Lawn Maintenance Experts in the Woodlands do it For You


There are professional lawn care and maintenance companies such as CLI Services, LLC,  that can help you if you reside in the Woodlands area. Some of the lawn maintenance services they offer include sprinkler repair, lawn mowing, mulch services, lawn feed, weed & moss control, lawn aeration, lawn watering, and planting.

Performing Lawn Aeration

Your lawn’s soil needs to be well aerated if you wish the grass there to grow well. There are areas of the lawn where there are usually a lot of foot traffic and such areas have the soil compacted.

Compact soil doesn’t allow sufficient air and water to get to the roots of the grass, therefore performing aeration of your lawn once every year is advised.

Feeding the Lawn

Your lawn needs to be well fed by applying the best fertilizer to help the grass grow perfectly well. On this front, certified professionals from CLI Services, LLC that provide lawn maintenance in the Woodlands know how best to perform this for their clients in the area. They can help you get your lawn fed like it should be done by using the right fertilizer.

Mow the Lawn Well

When it is time to mow the lawn there are certain important things to bear in mind. Professional lawn maintenance experts advise that you should ensure that your mowing machine has sharp blades.


When the blades are sharp, the grass is usually cut evenly and in a tidy manner. This leaves no chance for disease to engulf your valuable grass.

Watering the Lawn

When it’s summertime and the rains been out for quite a long time, it makes sense to water the grass. Another good sign that it is time to water the lawn is when the tint of the grass starts to turn yellow from green. It is best to use stored rainwater because grass tends to grow better with rain water than with water from the tap.

Control Weeds and Moss

Weeding your lawn of weeds and removing any moss growth is a continuous process. You can do the following:


  • In early spring, apply weed killer to help stop weeds from anchoring strong roots.
  • You can remove the weeds by way of your hand anytime you see them grow on the lawn.
  • Remember to try and get the roots as well to stop them from growing back.